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(no subject)
If I need to clarify something, please ask.
I'd prefer Paypal, but CC is acceptable (At your own risk)
I'm located in CA, USA

Cute Cell Phone Straps:


Prining for each one is different, please choose the one you'd like and ask for prices.


Green Jelly watch~$9.50 $7 Shipped

Pink Rose Hair Clip~$5 $4Shipped

Stationery/Sticker Flakes:

15 loose memo pages for $1.50 shipped
30 loose memo sheets for $2.50 $2.00 shipped 
15 random sticker flakes for $1.50 shipped
30 random sticker flakes for $2.50 $2.00 shipped

Monokuroboo Whiteout~$3 Shipped
Rain Drop Plushie~$7 Shipped
Claire's Gummy Bear/Strawberry/Heart bag~$10 $8 shipped *not including pin, unless you want it, ask.
Choco Cafe Bear Post-it Note~$1.50 shipped
Black Scented Pen $1 shipped
Cafe Cafe HB pencils $1.50 shipped each
Seal Planner $6 shipped
*There's many other patterns and pages within it. If you want more pictures, just ask.

Get 3 for $4 shipped or $1.50 shipped for each

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Hi! I was wondering if the polaroid camera is in working condition. And if you know the model of the camera and what kind of film it takes.

The polaroid works fine, its a polaroid 600 green, I think it uses polaroid 600 film too

Hi I was wondering what is the price for the Cute Cell Phone Straps: white grey black fuzzy thing. Above the red ball.

It's a little fox, and it has more of a navy blue body not black for some reason it didnt come up too well in the photo. I can offer it to you for $3


I was wondering whether if you ship internationally? If so, how much would the shipping be to Australia?

I'm interested in getting:

15 loose memo pages for $1.50 shipped
30 loose memo sheets for $2.50 shipped

Thank you! <3

It'd be around $2 to ship to australia :) please let me know if you're still interested ^^

Interested in the Polaroid camera and the Rilakkuma phone charm. And is that a lollipop charm I spot? I may want that one too.

I want more information on the camera, though, like the conditions, and things like that.

The polaroid is completely new, I only used it 1-2 times after getting it. It's a Polaroid 600. It functions nicely too. Btw, the rilakkuma charm and lollipop are together ^^ Please let me know if you're interested in buyng!

not yet, I'm not sure if the person wants to confirm or not.

email me at; ckingery1510@yahoo.com

I'm interested in the raindrop plushie (May be, depending on what I have left in a week).

It's $7 shipped to 29048, right?

Re: email me at; ckingery1510@yahoo.com

Yes, please let me know if you'd like it

Interested in the little pink doggie phone charm? *w*

How much would he be? To USA 94548.

I can sell him to you for $4 shipped :)


I was wondering if the Mirotic TVXQ CD/DVD $8 is still available and if so, how much would the total cost be including shipping and paypal fees?

I'm in the U.S.
E-mail me at luvboyluvrz@yahoo.com


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