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All prices are set.
Shipping from California, USA.
This is a PRE ORDER, I do not have these items on hand right now
Paypal or CC (at your own risk) is accepted. 
No returns or refunds.
I am not responsible for any lost packages or money.
Please ask if you'd like more information or pictures.


002: Set of 2 (Ribbon and Mushroom)
003: Set of 5, $6 
004: Silver and Gold both available (Sold separately) 
005: Copper and Silver available 

007: Silver
008: Gold

009: Gold/Copper

010: Silver

011: Silver
012: Gold

013: White w/ Black flower
014: Pink w/ White Flower
015: Black w/ White Flower


016: $5
017: $2
018: $4
019: Green or Red available, $4 each
020: $3
021: $6

022: $4

023: $3


Fringe Holder, $1 per set of 2.
Comes with random colors, I can't choose. 
Get it for free if you spend $10 or more!

(no subject)
If I need to clarify something, please ask.
I'd prefer Paypal, but CC is acceptable (At your own risk)
I'm located in CA, USA

Cute Cell Phone Straps:


Prining for each one is different, please choose the one you'd like and ask for prices.


Green Jelly watch~$9.50 $7 Shipped

Pink Rose Hair Clip~$5 $4Shipped

Stationery/Sticker Flakes:

15 loose memo pages for $1.50 shipped
30 loose memo sheets for $2.50 $2.00 shipped 
15 random sticker flakes for $1.50 shipped
30 random sticker flakes for $2.50 $2.00 shipped

Monokuroboo Whiteout~$3 Shipped
Rain Drop Plushie~$7 Shipped
Claire's Gummy Bear/Strawberry/Heart bag~$10 $8 shipped *not including pin, unless you want it, ask.
Choco Cafe Bear Post-it Note~$1.50 shipped
Black Scented Pen $1 shipped
Cafe Cafe HB pencils $1.50 shipped each
Seal Planner $6 shipped
*There's many other patterns and pages within it. If you want more pictures, just ask.

Get 3 for $4 shipped or $1.50 shipped for each

HUGE Kawaii grabbie+Cellphone Charms/Keychains

Additional pictures:

This grabie comes with:
2 memo pads (very slightly used)
1 mechanical pencil, 1 regular pencil
1 pen
11 envelopes (22 sheets to write with, each envelope with 2 matching pieces of paper)
8 small loose memo sheets
16 large loose memo sheets
30 loose sticker flakes

If you'd like to purchase one of these cell phone charms leave a comment specifying which one you'd like and I'll give you a price (:

Cute School Supplies+Clothing! Updated 10/18/10

 If you wish to purchase one of these items ^ please specify which item and I'll tell you the pricing (:

BTW, My soompi username is pikapikachuu, and I didn't want to go through and change everything @___@ i'm so lazy, haha. but yeah (: just saying! Im not scamming and I didnt steal any pics.

I sell 15 sticker flakes for $1, 30 for $2, and so on.
Also 15 loose memo sheets for 90 cents, 30 for 1.80, and so on.

Purple Pencil Box (Very cute) $3
Pink tenorikuma pen $2
Bunny pen $2
Pooh bear $1
Silly Band 10 cents


Twilight shirt. Worn 3 times. Medium.

Limited Too/Justice bottoms:
Plaid Capri's: $5 worn 5 times. Fits a 14 yr old or a size 1-3. (The waist is stretchable)
Blue sweat pants: $5 worn 2 times. Fits a size 1-3. (The waist is stretchable)

Different shirts:
Harvard shirt: $5 worn 5-7 times. Fits a small-medium. Very comfortable
Orange Panda shirt: $4 worn 2 times. Fits a small-medium. Stretchable material. Very comfortable
Grey Panda shirt: $3 worn 2 times. Fits a small-medium. Stretchable material. Very comfortable
Orange V-Neck: $5 Never worn. Fits a small-medium. Very cute. Very comfortable

Blue butterfly shirt with hood: $5 Worn 9 times. Fits a small. Very CUTE. Very very comfy

Duck/Chick Shirt: $5 worn 6 times. Fits a Medium-Large. Very comfortable. Super cute.
Green w/Blue plaid shorts: $4 worn 2 times. Fits a 0-1. Very cute.
Smile Monkey shirt: $4 worn 1 time. Fits a small. Very cute. Very comfy

Pooh Happy Cuties Tank Top $3
ADORABLE, and comfy. Worn 2-3 times AT HOME.

Pink Hollister shirt $4
Very nice and comfy, worn 1 time outside.

Summer sale~
Sticker sacks, Sticker sheets, Erasers, Stationery, and so much more under the cut~!
All prices are negotiable~

Cute stuffs here :)Collapse )

Feedback :)
 Please post feedback down below in a comment V

Buyer Feedback: [+2 ~0 -0]
Seller Feedback: [+7, ~0, -0]

Stationary/Memo/Sticker Flake Grabbies 40 CENT SHIPPING
Get 5 loose memo sheets for 50 cents
10 for 1$ 
20 for $2 and so on 

For sticker flakes you can get 25 for $1.85
Or 5 for 25 cents 
10 for 50 cents and so on

Also, you can get 5 cute keychains/phone straps/pencil toppers for ONLY $10
OR you can get 1 for $2 each. It's like a blindbox you wont know what you get
But everything will be kawaii :)

Shipping to the US for memos and stickers is only 40 cents 
Blind box shipping depends on where you are

Freebies with every purchase!

pokemon cards?
 if anyone is interested in buying them please comment :)

 Currently I only have this one, done in oil pastel:

If you want a closer up picture just tell me

Offer whatever you want, just not too low

Kawaii Sale! (Stickers, Memo's, and more!)
It's never been opened, or used at all. Comepletely new :) $2.50

Coin purse+Key Chain, New unused Offer

I prefer concealed cash or paypal :)

I usually ship only to the US 

you may haggle