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002: Set of 2 (Ribbon and Mushroom)
003: Set of 5, $6 
004: Silver and Gold both available (Sold separately) 
005: Copper and Silver available 

007: Silver
008: Gold

009: Gold/Copper

010: Silver

011: Silver
012: Gold

013: White w/ Black flower
014: Pink w/ White Flower
015: Black w/ White Flower


016: $5
017: $2
018: $4
019: Green or Red available, $4 each
020: $3
021: $6

022: $4

023: $3


Fringe Holder, $1 per set of 2.
Comes with random colors, I can't choose. 
Get it for free if you spend $10 or more!


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If I need to clarify something, please ask.
I'd prefer Paypal, but CC is acceptable (At your own risk)
I'm located in CA, USA

Cute Cell Phone Straps:


Prining for each one is different, please choose the one you'd like and ask for prices.


Green Jelly watch~$9.50 $7 Shipped

Pink Rose Hair Clip~$5 $4Shipped

Stationery/Sticker Flakes:

15 loose memo pages for $1.50 shipped
30 loose memo sheets for $2.50 $2.00 shipped 
15 random sticker flakes for $1.50 shipped
30 random sticker flakes for $2.50 $2.00 shipped

Monokuroboo Whiteout~$3 Shipped
Rain Drop Plushie~$7 Shipped
Claire's Gummy Bear/Strawberry/Heart bag~$10 $8 shipped *not including pin, unless you want it, ask.
Choco Cafe Bear Post-it Note~$1.50 shipped
Black Scented Pen $1 shipped
Cafe Cafe HB pencils $1.50 shipped each
Seal Planner $6 shipped
*There's many other patterns and pages within it. If you want more pictures, just ask.

Get 3 for $4 shipped or $1.50 shipped for each

HUGE Kawaii grabbie+Cellphone Charms/Keychains


Additional pictures:

This grabie comes with:
2 memo pads (very slightly used)
1 mechanical pencil, 1 regular pencil
1 pen
11 envelopes (22 sheets to write with, each envelope with 2 matching pieces of paper)
8 small loose memo sheets
16 large loose memo sheets
30 loose sticker flakes

If you'd like to purchase one of these cell phone charms leave a comment specifying which one you'd like and I'll give you a price (:

Cute School Supplies+Clothing! Updated 10/18/10

 If you wish to purchase one of these items ^ please specify which item and I'll tell you the pricing (:

BTW, My soompi username is pikapikachuu, and I didn't want to go through and change everything @___@ i'm so lazy, haha. but yeah (: just saying! Im not scamming and I didnt steal any pics.

I sell 15 sticker flakes for $1, 30 for $2, and so on.
Also 15 loose memo sheets for 90 cents, 30 for 1.80, and so on.

Purple Pencil Box (Very cute) $3
Pink tenorikuma pen $2
Bunny pen $2
Pooh bear $1
Silly Band 10 cents


Twilight shirt. Worn 3 times. Medium.

Limited Too/Justice bottoms:
Plaid Capri's: $5 worn 5 times. Fits a 14 yr old or a size 1-3. (The waist is stretchable)
Blue sweat pants: $5 worn 2 times. Fits a size 1-3. (The waist is stretchable)

Different shirts:
Harvard shirt: $5 worn 5-7 times. Fits a small-medium. Very comfortable
Orange Panda shirt: $4 worn 2 times. Fits a small-medium. Stretchable material. Very comfortable
Grey Panda shirt: $3 worn 2 times. Fits a small-medium. Stretchable material. Very comfortable
Orange V-Neck: $5 Never worn. Fits a small-medium. Very cute. Very comfortable

Blue butterfly shirt with hood: $5 Worn 9 times. Fits a small. Very CUTE. Very very comfy

Duck/Chick Shirt: $5 worn 6 times. Fits a Medium-Large. Very comfortable. Super cute.
Green w/Blue plaid shorts: $4 worn 2 times. Fits a 0-1. Very cute.
Smile Monkey shirt: $4 worn 1 time. Fits a small. Very cute. Very comfy

Pooh Happy Cuties Tank Top $3
ADORABLE, and comfy. Worn 2-3 times AT HOME.

Pink Hollister shirt $4
Very nice and comfy, worn 1 time outside.

Stationary/Memo/Sticker Flake Grabbies 40 CENT SHIPPING